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Project LEO – Local Energy Oxfordshire

One of the UK’s most ambitious, wide-ranging and innovative energy trials, seeking to accelerate the UK’s transition to a zero-carbon energy system

About the Project

Project LEO – Local Energy Oxfordshire – is running trials in Oxfordshire to build a broad range of reliable evidence of the technological, market and social conditions needed for a greener, more flexible, and fair electricity system

Read more about our Trials in the case studies below

  • Digital platforms

    Digital platforms:Local Area Mapping tool

    Oxford Brookes University has brought together spatial and temporal visualisation of local energy flows to develop a local area energy mapping approach (LEMAP) for planning smart and fair neighbourhoods. The LEMAP tool has been designed for community based organisations, local authorities and residents. It brings together public, private and crowd-sourced data on energy demand, energy…
  • Place based trial

    Place based trial:Osney Island Smart and Fair Neighbourhood Trial

    The Osney Island SFN trial aims to understand the impacts and opportunities for small dense urban environments to make the switch to electric vehicles (EVs). It is also looking into ways to improve local renewable generation at Osney Lock Hydro (OLH) and the potential opportunities a local hydro scheme can have in providing flexibility services…
  • Place based trial

    Place based trial:Deddington and Duns Tew Smart and Fair Neighbourhood

    Deddington and Duns Tew Smart and Fair Neighbourhood is a trial aiming to understand how we can enable a zero carbon future for a rural community with planning constraints. Deddington is a large Oxfordshire village that is partially off the gas network; Duns Tew is a much smaller community and is completely off the network.…

LEO partners

Project LEO is a collaborative project crossing business, academia, social enterprises, and local authorities. It is part funded through the Industrial Strategy Challenge fund to support
the global move to renewable energy called: Prospering From the Energy Revolution (PFER).


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