Why Oxfordshire?

Traditionally an increase in demand on the network would require network reinforcement. Oxfordshire was chosen to host Project LEO because there are already significant constraints on the local electricity network, plus progressive attitudes among the local authorities and a thriving community energy scene.

This creates the perfect environment for Project LEO partners to understand the value of new markets, technologies and solutions. Importantly for SSEN, Project LEO will demonstrate how network businesses need to change to facilitate these new markets and solutions while still delivering energy in an economic, reliable, fair and sustainable manner.

The significant demand that Oxford’s substations already face undermines the feasibility of connecting new sources of generation to the distribution network. This could either stop new renewable generation from being deployed, or make it prohibitively expensive. By working closely together, the partners on Project LEO will develop the future electricity grid and the learnings that can be shared across the country to benefit the whole of the UK.

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