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Beth McAllister


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    News:Low Carbon Hub CEO speaks on energy demand reduction

    At the recent Eynsham Great Big Energy Saving Event, Barbara Hammond, founder and CEO of the Low Carbon Hub, a Project LEO partner gave a talk that highlighted the importance of demand reduction for the UK energy agenda. Barbara set the scene, reflecting the worry for people across the UK as the energy and cost…
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    News:Completion of first automated flexibility procurement

    Project LEO is really pleased to announce a new milestone was reached as we ran our first end-to-end flexibility procurement process. LEO project partner Piclo, have developed a series of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), which means the ‘Piclo Flex’ marketplace software was able to automate manual procurement practices. This functionality integrated Piclo Flex with Scottish…
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    News:Osney Supercharge update

    Eight properties on the island now have new solar panels installed, and six storage batteries have been installed with two of them at Osney Lock Hydro, as part of Osney Supercharge. This project is investigating the potential for local electricity generation, including the power from Osney Lock Hydro, to reduce pressure on the electricity grid…
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    News:Great Big Green Week with Eynsham Smart and Fair Futures

    The last week of September was Great Big Green Week, a celebration of community action to tackle climate change. Transition Eynsham Area (GreenTEA), a low carbon community group and partner in the Eynsham Smart & Fair Futures LEO trial, ran a series of events to help local people address climate change. Part of the event…
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    News:Community mapping in Rose Hill

    Earlier this year we launched a participatory mapping project in Rose Hill, Oxford, one of our Smart and Fair Neighbourhood Trials. The Rose Hill Energy Survey, using a tool known as Local Area Energy Mapping, asked residents questions about their home and energy use. It was designed to supplement data from official, publicly available sources…
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    News:Springfield Meadows Update

    Project LEO partners, Low Carbon Hub, were recently in touch with households in Springfield Meadows, where one of our Smart Fair Neighbourhood (SFN) Trials is taking place, to ask for their participation in a study on energy usage. Our SFN trials are taking place across  Oxfordshire to demonstrate how flexibility services can sit at the…
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    News:Smart Flex Heat Pump Trial update

    Project LEO recently announced that we are extending our Deddington and Duns Tew Smart and Fair Neighbourhood trial to become a bigger ‘Smart Flex Heat Pump Trial’ within the wider geography of Oxfordshire. The original scope of the trial was to work with a portfolio of 15 households in Deddington (a large Oxfordshire village that…
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    News:Solar Saver phase two launches in Rose Hill

    The next phase of the Rose Hill Smart and Fair Neighbourhood Trial is launching next week with the start of the ‘Solar Saver’ offer. The aim of this trial is to learn whether residents of a block of flats with rooftop solar panels can benefit from the clean energy generated, without owning the panels themselves.…
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    News:Energy asset market trials update

    The Project LEO energy asset trials in conjunction with TRANSITION are in full swing. LEO partner Low Carbon Hub’s renewable energy assets are taking part to test the potential they have in delivering flexibility to the electricity network. This means the ability to temporarily turn up or down generation in response to a need in…
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    News:LEO partners move into the ‘Mini-TESA’

    At the beginning of the year, the University of Oxford opened its doors to a new world-leading multi-disciplinary hub and co-working space at Holywell House, Osney Mead. The unique workspace is now home to Oxford-based Project LEO partners, including two research groups, Low Carbon Hub and SSEN. The Energy Systems Accelerator Pilot – better known…
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    News:Our flexibility market trials start up again

    Project LEO is working closely with the SSEN-led TRANSITION project running flexibility market trials, testing how a real-life market for delivering flexibility services might work. As part of Project LEO, we are running three trial periods, each of growing complexity, to enable us to test the trading of a range of different flexibility services. This…
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    News:A round up of news from our Smart and Fair Neighbourhood Trials

    Our Smart and Fair Neighbourhood (SFN) Trials are looking at how flexibility services and the development of a smart, local energy system can help communities transition to net zero in a way that’s fair and equitable. Here we give a round up what’s happening in the trials at the moment. You can read more about…
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