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Case studies

Read more about the trials and projects taking place as part of Project LEO.

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  • Case study

    Case study:Smart Flex Heat Pump Trial case study

    The Smart Flex Heat Pump Trial is a trial working with households across Oxfordshire, aiming to learn whether using smart technology to control domestic heat pumps can deliver flexibility to the local energy network as well as benefits to homeowners.  It came out of the Deddington and Duns Tew Smart and Fair Neighbourhood Trial (more…
  • Place based trial

    Place based trial:Springfield Meadows

    Aiming to optimise the use of large solar PV arrays on multiple domestic rooftops in order to maximise generation, deliver a net positive development and mitigate risks to the local network operations.
  • Digital platforms

    Digital platforms:People’s Power Station 2.0

    Developing a digital tool to accelerate the transition to net zero energy system.  Background Digitalisation will be a key element in developing smart local energy systems. From individual households that will make use of smart-enabled appliances through to large scale renewable energy generation sites such as solar parks, smart technology will be crucial in the…
  • Place based trial

    Place based trial:Home-Owner Pioneers for Energy (HOPE) Group

    This trial aims to explore the role and impact individual households can have in a smart local energy system and delivering flexibility services.  Background Households are at the centre of the local energy system for their sheer number and, most importantly, because it’s where people live. The transformation of the energy system to zero carbon…
  • Asset led trial

    Asset led trial:Oxford Bus Company Cowley Depot

    The batteries at Oxford Bus Company’s Cowley Depot were utilised in trials to better understand how energy storage can benefit, and operate within, a local flexibility market. Background The Oxford Bus Company (OBC) operates a fleet of 160 buses and coaches with the lowest emissions for its size in the UK, with roughly half being…
  • Asset led trial

    Asset led trial:Oxfordshire County Library – a potential battery

    This trial aims to learn if it’s possible to use buildings as batteries to provide flexibility to the electricity network. Background Project LEO is investigating how buildings can be used as batteries to provide flexibility in a low carbon future. LEO partners, Oxfordshire County Council and the University of Oxford, are working together to test…
  • Asset led trial

    Asset led trial:Rose Hill battery trials

    This trial aims to understand how a small battery can provide flexibility to the energy network. Background Rose Hill is a residential area on the Southern outskirts of Oxford. The road is part of a historic route from Oxford to London via Henley, running parallel to the river Isis (the name of the Thames in…
  • Asset led trial

    Asset led trial:Sandford Hydro trials

    This trial is looking to see if we can use the river as energy storage and provide flexibility to the energy network. Background Sandford Hydro is a hydroelectric power plant on the River Thames near the village of Sandford, just south of Oxford. In 2016 Low Carbon Hub opened a community energy share offer and…
  • Digital platforms

    Digital platforms:Local Area Mapping tool

    Oxford Brookes University has brought together spatial and temporal visualisation of local energy flows to develop a local area energy mapping approach (LEMAP) for planning smart and fair neighbourhoods. The LEMAP tool has been designed for community based organisations, local authorities and residents. It brings together public, private and crowd-sourced data on energy demand, energy…
  • Place based trial

    Place based trial:Rose Hill Smart and Fair Neighbourhood Trial

    Looking at how a largely residential community with several energy assets, including battery storage, can change energy use patterns, generation and storage to balance the grid locally and benefit the local community.
  • Place based trial

    Place based trial:Eynsham Smart and Fair Futures

    Developing a ‘Zero Carbon Energy Action Plan’ for the Eynsham primary substation area plus a plan for its long-term governance.
  • Place based trial

    Place based trial:Westmills Smart and Fair Neighbourhood Trials

    Looking at how with the existing solar and onshore wind farms, along with potential battery storage, they could participate in local flexibility markets.
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