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Nuvve’s vehicle-to-grid (V2G) platform, called GIVeTM (Grid Integrated Vehicles), offers reliable, powerful charging for electric vehicles (EVs) that enables two-way energy flows between an EV battery and the electric grid. Instead of just charging an EV (one-way exchange), Nuvve’s solution allows an EV to become an active participant in the transition to cleaner energy by storing energy and then discharging it back to the grid. This helps renewable energy sources such as solar and wind to be integrated into an electric grid since its power can be stored in EV batteries and also helps stabilise the network during peak demand times. The overall cost of EV ownership can be lowered using Nuvve’s GIVeTM platform since the excess electricity stored in batteries can be sold back energy markets or used to provide flexibility for local distribution system operations (DSOs) to generate revenues at times when the EV is not in use.

Nuvve’s platform will allow Project LEO to test various DSO services with electric vehicles including, but not limited to: flexibility services exchange helping DSOs procure flexibility to defer network investment, and manage outages and congestion on the networks; local capacity exchange helping lower the cost of connecting new power generation to the network by sharing or trading existing capacity rather than reinforcing; and off-market trading enabling peer-to-peer trading between flex operators or within their own portfolios.

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