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Energy markets around the world are evolving – they are becoming increasingly decarbonised and decentralised. These changes bring increased complexity for energy market actors, the need for real time data and the tools to make decisions and act upon this information.

Origami is a software platform provider to the energy market. Origami supports energy companies and asset owners in enabling energy assets to generate value from all valuable energy market opportunities and providing real time visibility and precision control. We provide a unique line of sight for our customers from assets to markets and value. We support energy market actors to make decisions more efficiently and the tools to act on those decisions.

Origami’s platform:

  • Provides energy companies the ability to manage large numbers of demand, generation and storage assets as a Virtual Power Plant with live position management
  • Enables energy companies, asset owners and operators to improve risk adjusted returns by linking physical assets to financial markets
  • Takes away the complexity of dealing with diverse asset portfolios across all market opportunities
  • Is a secure, scalable and versatile software platform enabling remote real-time monitoring, intelligent and automatic control of large numbers of diverse energy assets
  • Gathers real-time data from assets and information from energy markets, providing visibility and analysis of the information, aiding traders in making time critical decisions
  • For asset owners, Origami provides new opportunities to capture value from their energy assets
  • Origami’s versatile and secure platform simplifies the complex – enabling market participants to maximise their returns and launch new compelling customers propositions in a rapidly evolving energy world

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