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    News:Rose Hill ‘Solar Saver Trial’ launches

    The launch of the ‘Solar Saver trial’ gets off to a great start with 18 residents signed up to save money on their energy bills by shifting when they use electricity.  The Solar Saver Trial is one part of the Rose Hill Smart and Fair Neighbourhood (SFN) trial looking at how flexibility services can help…
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    News:LEO at COP26

    The global climate conference in Glasgow closed last week and we’re really pleased that our project – Local Energy Oxfordshire – was strongly represented.  Project LEO is proving that flexibility that at the grid edge can be a powerful strategy to accelerate the transition to a zero carbon energy system. From the Road to Renewables Bus Tour, to the…
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    News:LEO named in letter to COP26 President

    Project LEO was recently named an example of the innovation needed to help deliver net zero in a “letter from Oxford” to Alok Sharma, President of COP26.  The letter calls for more support to speed up decarbonisation at a local level. With regard to LEO, they particularly call for:  Coordinated market mechanisms for local flexibility…
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    News:COP26 Launch of an ‘International Community for Local Smart Grids’

    Tuesday was a big day for LEO at COP26 with a ‘Blue Zone’ session which launched the new International Community for Local Smart Grids (ICLSG) The session, excellently presented by Malcolm McCulloch (Oxford University), Barbara Hammond (Low Carbon Hub) and Chris Burchell (SSEN) discussed how delivery of a net zero energy system will require significant…
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    Blog:Flexibility – the key to combatting future energy price shocks?

    With wholesale energy prices soaring, becoming more flexible about the way we use energy could be an increasingly powerful tool helping keep our fuel bills under control. The global surge in gas prices has left UK consumers particularly vulnerable, with over a third of our electricity provided by gas-fuelled power stations. Households and businesses face…
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    News:New global smart grid partnership launched to unlock local solutions to climate change

    Watch the launch live from the UK Pavilion at COP26 via the UK Government’s official YouTube channel (2 November, 09:45-10:30). Electricity distribution companies from the UK, Australia, Italy, and Japan have joined forces to revolutionise and support communities to engage with electricity grids of the future. Launching at COP26, the University of Oxford-led initiative will…
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    News:Government announces Net Zero Strategy

    Last week (19 October) the government announced its Net Zero Strategy, just ahead of COP26, an important summit bringing together world leaders to commit to carbon reduction targets to protect our planet.  The report is the first of its kind and sets out how the UK government plans to deliver its target to achieve net…
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    News:Road to Renewables COP26 bus tour kicks off in energy innovation centre of Oxford

    On Tuesday 19 October, the Project LEO team were delighted to welcome the COP26 bus to Oxfordshire to celebrate energy innovation.  The fully electric double decker bus arrived into Oxford city centre as the first stop of a two-week ‘Road to Renewables’ nationwide tour that will end in Glasgow ahead of the landmark COP26 summit…
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    Blog:What is the grid edge and why is it important?

    In Project LEO we are focused on understanding how flexibility at the ‘grid edge’ – where energy is put to use – can help us reach our net zero carbon ambitions as well as bring value to people, communities, and the energy network. What is the grid edge? The grid edge refers to the ‘edge’…
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    News:Transitioning to a net zero energy system: smart systems and flexibility plan 2021

    Last month (July) the government published its plan on how we will transition to a smart, flexible, and decarbonised energy system. Project LEO welcomes the publication as it focuses on how we can deliver a zero carbon future with a smart flexible energy system. One that understands the importance of local delivery and includes people…
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    Blog:Can flexibility solve the energy challenge?

    As the recent government paper ‘Transitioning to a net zero energy system: smart systems and flexibility plan 2021’ highlighted, flexibility is going to be a crucial part of meeting our net zero carbon targets.  “It will be very difficult to achieve the deep power sector decarbonisation needed to achieve the sixth Carbon Budget without significantly…
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    News:Innovative new data sharing tool being trialled by LEO

    Project LEO partner Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) has launched a new and innovative network data tool which will be trialled by the project. The ‘Near Real-time Data Access’ (NeRDA) tool will provide stakeholders and participants in LEO’s trials with near real-time access to data, helping inform local plans, products, and services in the…
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