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    Blog:Explaining the Project LEO Flexibility Market Trials

    Project LEO is an ambitious and innovative energy system project being run collaboratively by a number of project partners in Oxfordshire, with the aim of helping the UK government reach its 2050 net zero commitments. We will achieve this by running a series of local trials, advancing capabilities and facilitating active participation in the creation…
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    Blog:Osney Supercharge installations are underway!

    The Project LEO team are excited to be sharing the news that new installations are underway as part of one of our Smart Fair Neighbourhood Trials at Osney Island in Oxford.  Testing clean energy generation and flexibility at a local level The Project LEO Smart Fair Neighbourhood trials rails (SFNs) are the ‘Place Based’ element…
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    Blog:Putting people and communities at the heart of our energy transition

    Community Energy Fortnight runs from 11 – 24 June this year. It’s a well-deserved celebration of all aspects of the UK’s flourishing community energy sector and this year, the focus will be on energy efficiency within our communities. As we face a potentially tough winter ahead for our energy bills, CEF22 is looking at the…
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    Blog:Explaining Project LEO

    The team at Project LEO are often invited to events to present the background to what we’re doing and why and we decided we should take the information from these presentations to create a few blogs to help more people understand the concept and purpose of Project LEO. What is Project LEO? Project LEO is…
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    Blog:Why a focus on flexibility is missing from the government’s energy security strategy

    Project LEO was set up in order to help us understand how smart, local and flexible energy systems can best work to bring about multiple benefits. The key benefits we look at are to communities, businesses, energy bills, the electricity network and the planet. However, another main aim of the project is to ‘keep the…
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    Blog:Making the language of smart, flexible energy systems easier to understand

    Project LEO is proud to be one of the most ambitious and wide-ranging flexible energy trials ever run in the UK and our goal is to gather strong evidence and learnings to support our transition to a clean, secure and fair energy system. For us, the path to success means working on a diverse range…
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    News:LEO partners move into the ‘Mini-TESA’

    At the beginning of the year, the University of Oxford opened its doors to a new world-leading multi-disciplinary hub and co-working space at Holywell House, Osney Mead. The unique workspace is now home to Oxford-based Project LEO partners, including two research groups, Low Carbon Hub and SSEN. The Energy Systems Accelerator Pilot – better known…
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    News:Our flexibility market trials start up again

    Project LEO is working closely with the SSEN-led TRANSITION project running flexibility market trials, testing how a real-life market for delivering flexibility services might work. As part of Project LEO, we are running three trial periods, each of growing complexity, to enable us to test the trading of a range of different flexibility services. This…
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    News:A round up of news from our Smart and Fair Neighbourhood Trials

    Our Smart and Fair Neighbourhood (SFN) Trials are looking at how flexibility services and the development of a smart, local energy system can help communities transition to net zero in a way that’s fair and equitable. Here we give a round up what’s happening in the trials at the moment. You can read more about…
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    Blog:Do current energy policies and regulations support a shift to a zero-carbon future?

    Project LEO is a pioneering testbed for smart local energy systems and much of the work we undertake focuses on testing the technical, social and commercial aspects of implementing these systems in a variety of formats and settings. However, behind the practicalities of implementing these systems, international, national and local energy policies and regulations need…
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    Blog:Looking to a community-based energy system for the future

    As the UK looks towards ways of meeting our ambitious net-zero goals, it has become clear that as well as a commitment to major economic and policy changes at the government and corporate level, local community engagement and participation will be vital to our success.  In Project LEO we are trialling and testing a new…
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    Blog:Cutting the cost of energy by changing how and when we use it

    Recent headlines about the cost of living crisis have reflected the general anxiety of the nation across the UK as bills and prices for everyday goods are increasing sharply. The soaring prices are causing annoyance for some but for many families, it is leaving them struggling to make ends meet. The latest research figures from…
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