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You can find all reports and publications related to Project LEO here.

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    Report:Low Carbon Hub Portfolio and Routes to Market

    This paper sets out how the Low Carbon Hub will build on technical assessments already done for its portfolio of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) to learn about how the portfolio of projects can act as a single ‘Community of MPANs’ in delivering energy allocation and flexibility services. Low Carbon Hub will also learn about what…
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    Report:Barriers and Opportunities: Market Trials Recruitment

    Project LEO is producing a series of Barriers and Opportunities Reports throughout the project. This short report focusses on observations made about barriers and opportunities to recruitment to the LEO trials, based on information gathered at three online webinars/workshops. Only by identifying these barriers are we able to address them, where this is within the…
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    Report:Vehicle to Grid (V2G) Barriers and Opportunities: a capability approach

    Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology is still in early stages of development but offers many possibilities for Smart Local Energy Systems by virtue of its ability to supply flexible demand and generation services that can potentially help with the management and balancing of low voltage electricity networks as well as balancing services for the National grid. V2G…
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    Report:Policy and Regulatory Review

    UK energy systems are changing in response to the urgent need to decarbonise and make good use of abundant renewable resources, public support for their use and emerging technologies and business models. The country is thus at the start of a major shift in its understanding of energy transition at different operating scales and in…
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    Report:Whitepaper: Vision on the inclusion of small (under 7kW) flexibility from the grid edge and its role in Future Energy System

    As the UK focuses more on achieving its Net Zero targets, electrification of local and national infrastructures will bring many challenges and opportunities in all aspects of the energy system – societal, commercial, technical, and regulatory. The Future Energy Scenarios published by the Electricity System Operator (ESO) in 2021 (FES 2021) outlines three possible future…
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    Report:Focused Briefing: COP26

    Welcome to our second Project LEO (Local Energy Oxfordshire) ‘Focused Briefing’. These briefings take an in depth look into specific activities, outputs and research being generated as part of the demonstrator project. This Focused Briefing takes a look at some of our activities in and around the recent global climate change conference, COP26. This was…
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    Report:Project LEO Workshop 1 – Enabling and facilitating smart energy systems within the existing planning system

    The Centre for Sustainable Energy was commissioned by Project LEO to run two workshops for Oxfordshire planners with the intention of stimulating greater understanding of Smart Local Energy Systems (SLES) by the local planning community and gathering recommendations on how the statutory planning system can integrate and facilitate both locally and nationally. Specific objectives were:…
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    Report:Assessment of Declarations, Baselining Methodology and Settlement

    In December 2020, Project LEO, working with the SSEN TRANSITION project conducted a short study that identified 26 commercial areas which would benefit from feedback. An evaluation to rank these 26 commercial areas identified six (6) Minimum Viable System (MVS) trials that would benefit from input from LEO partners during the first six months of…
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    Report:Community of MPANs

    This report introduces the concept of the ‘Community of MPANs’ a way for communities to work collectively at the ‘grid edge – where we use electricity in our homes and businesses – in order to aid the transition to a net zero energy system. The Grid Edge will become the epicentre of the energy system…
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    Report:TRANSITION Progress Report

    Project LEO is working in partnership with the SSEN led TRANSITION project. This is their 2020/21 Annual Progress Report made to OFGEM. With the widespread recognition that the GB electricity network needs to become more flexible, Distributed Network Operators (DNOs) such as SSEN will take an increased role in delivering an efficient, coordinated and economical…
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    Report:Second Annual Synthesis Report

    The Second Annual Synthesis Report brings together what we consider to be the most significant lessons learned while translating ambition into practice during the second year of LEO. In Y2, progress has been made on the organisational, data and connectivity issues that emerged in Y1, with deeper understanding of the processes needed to gain flexibility…
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    Report:Value chain for flexibility providers

    This paper focusses on the value of Flexibility Services that exist in flexibility markets today. It considers the interaction of different Flexibility Services and highlights where revenues can be stacked across different time periods. This information can be used as a foundation to determine a value chain for existing services and as a reference point…
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