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How can we achieve Net Zero?

HOST: Oxford Programme on Integrating Renewable Energy

DATE: 3 September 2020

VENUE: Online

SPEAKERS: Charlie Edwards

This is a video of the webinar in which Malcolm McCulloch from the University of Oxford, and Eric Brown from the Energy Systems Catapult, talked about how we can achieve Net Zero, from an energy perspective and using a systems engineering approach.

Helen Gavin hosted the webinar.

Slides and info:
The presentation slides can be found here.

Video content:
0:00 Start
0:11 Introduction by Helen
2:08 Start of Malcolm and Eric’s joint presentation

2:10 Introduction
5:35 Strengths of system engineering
12:42 Thoughts on Net Zero
18:22 High level changes in a Net Zero world
26:01 A very quick systems approach… Decisions
35:29 Concluding thoughts

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