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Past event

People in smart local energy systems – some thoughts from Project LEO and beyond

HOST: Low Carbon Hub

DATE: 14 July 2020

TIME: 6-7pm

VENUE: Online

SPEAKERS: Sarah Darby, Oxford University

A lot of attention is paid to the technology in energy systems, especially the newer ‘smart’ technology. But energy systems rely on people as much as on technology; indeed, they only exist because people need energy services.

This webinar from the Low Carbon Hub looks at what roles people play in energy systems, how Project LEO is bringing together people with technologies in new ways, and what we can learn from evaluations of smart energy trials.

Sarah Darby is acting leader of the Energy Programme and an Associate Professor at the University of Oxford Environmental Change Institute. She has a special interest in how energy systems change as a result of people interacting with technology and with each other. Her research has included evaluating the effectiveness of energy advice programmes and the British smart metering programme, analysing community energy projects and assessing the potential for ‘active demand’ in electricity systems. Sarah holds a BSc in Ecological Science from Edinburgh University, a Diploma in Planning from Oxford Polytechnic and a doctorate from Oxford University. She is leading Work Package WP6 of Project LEO, which aims to capture what we learn from the project, assist with engaging stakeholders, and share knowledge gained through LEO as widely as possible, from interested members of the public through to government.

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