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Smart Local Energy Systems, Net Zero and resilient communities

HOST: Oxford University

DATE: 17 December 2020

TIME: 11.00 – 12.00

VENUE: Online

SPEAKERS: Professor Malcolm McCulloch, Oxford University

In this webinar we presented to a group of over 50 Councillors and Officers representing Oxfordshire’s local authorities.

We introduced the LEO project, the benefits of smart local energy systems for the people of Oxfordshire and the role these systems can play in achieving net-zero commitments.

The session was presented by Professor Malcolm McCulloch (Oxford University) and introduced by Cllr Hayes (Oxford City Council) and Cllr Constance (Oxfordshire County Council).

Smart local energy systems promise to deliver multiple benefits to people, local businesses and communities. This includes new sources of income from the sale of changes to one’s energy demand, increased opportunity for low carbon energy generation to be connected locally, employment opportunities in the installation and maintenance of the required
technologies, a more resilient electricity supply and more besides. Local authorities are critical in providing support and in creating the right policy, planning and regulatory context allowing these benefits to be realised.

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